On a base of bioactive kale

100% Natural & organic
Rich in lactic acid bacteria, antioxidants & vitamins

Kale for breakfast?

Our fermented Grønola is made from the same fruit we use for our fermented drink - it becomes an upcycled and sustainable product that we are quite proud to present at the Food Festival 2022.

Grønola is a new product, in the breakfast topping category, which consists of super healthy fermented ingredients that we mix, granulate and gently dry so that we retain the fermented product's lactic acid bacteria.

The name imitates the classic granola, but the product stands out by being based on vegetables, dates and berries, reduced sugar and reminiscent of crunch, as almonds, nuts and seeds are also added to the mixture.

Grønola tastes unique: a mixture of the acid of the currant, the sweetness of the date, the umami of the kale, which is all enhanced by the fact that the lactic acid bacteria come to life in contact with oat milk, yoghurt or other wet breakfast products. Some also get memories of freshly baked rye bread at first taste.

The product may resemble rye bread sprinkles that are more uneven in size.

The first variant of Grønola is based on dried kale powder, which researchers from Aarhus University Hospital have shown in a clinical trial to have the same effect on patients/people with diabetes, cholesterol and obesity as, for example, Novo Nordisk's new "obesity pill": the mixture contains bioactive substances that stimulate so-called GLP-1 hormone.

"We are wildly impressed by all the benefits that kale has - and will therefore make use of it in many of our future products"

Grønola kit as a Christmas present for your loved ones 

1. We have put together a kit with a nice design bottle from Bottles by Malund with Grønola + a stainless steel funnel for refilling + a package of 1 kg of Grønola at a price of DKK 399 (incl. shipping in DK)

The bottle is great to use for Grønola or other good products; the steel funnel is a so-called wide mouth, good for filling jam in glasses or similar.

2. Transfer DKK 399 to MobilePay 442533: write "Grønola" + delivery address.

3. We will send the package to you and you will be notified when we have sent your order.

4. Send us your feedback to - we love to hear about your experience.

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Brand new research on kale

Through many studies, researchers from Aarhus University Hospital have discovered that a special form of bioactive kale can:

Lower the cholesterol number 2-3 times

Eliminate diabetes symptoms
Reduce excess weight due to stimulation of the GLP-1 hormone in our gut (the hormone that makes us feel full)

The correct dose is 50g of kale powder per day, which corresponds to 100g of Grønola.

The scientific report on the bioactive kale and its properties will be published in autumn 2022.

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