World premieres on a fermented & upcycled Cola

On a base of bioactive kale

100% Natural & organic

Natural high level of coffein

Rich in lactic acid bacteria, antioxidants & vitamins

Cascara + kale = cola?

In an innovation collaboration with Peter Larsen Kaffe and Circular Coffee Community, Flora Ferment has developed a new cola with cascara and bioactive kale - we call it Calo Cola.

Cascara is a residual product that is currently thrown away in the coffee industry. By upcycling cascara, we give the coffee farmers an extra source of income and thus avoid wasting a fantastic berry, which is chock full of vitamins and antioxidants with a naturally high caffeine content. Read more about cascara and upcycling here.

The bioactive kale has many benefits. New research from AUH shows that the right dose of kale can relieve diabetes symptoms, contribute to a greater feeling of satiety and thus relieve excess weight, lower cholesterol levels and much more. A new and evidence-based knowledge that gave us the idea for a healthy cola, so that the many cola lovers do not have to compromise.

Taste our new Calo Cola at Food Festival from the 2-4th of september 2022!

Brand new research on kale

Through many studies, researchers from Aarhus University Hospital have discovered that a special form of bioactive kale can:

Lower the cholesterol number 2-3 times

Eliminate diabetes symptoms
Reduce excess weight due to stimulation of the GLP-1 hormone in our gut (the hormone that makes us feel full)

The correct dose is 50g of kale powder per day, which corresponds to 100g of Grønola.

The scientific report on the bioactive kale and its properties will be published in autumn 2022.

Read more about the fantastic kale powder on Green Gourmet's website here.

Pictures of cascara og Calo Cola.