Frequently Asked Questions about fermentation and the products of Flora Ferment

What is lactic acid bacteria ? 

Lactic acid bacteria are microorganisms found in almost every plant, animal and human. Lactic acid bacteria are good bacteria that, together with other microorganisms, are in charge of the digestive system of humans. They also support our ability to defend ourselves from attacks by bad bacteria.

What is fermentation ? 

Fermentation is a process, where lactic acid bacteria, yeast cells and other benevolent microorganisms convert sugars into more lactic acid bacteria. The fermentation process is souring the product and the process naturally preserves it without adding any preservatives. Fermentation happens in the production of many everyday products, such as beer, wine or sour dough bread.

How many lactic acid bacteria are there in your products ? 

The answer depends on which plants we ferment. The plants naturally contain many different types of lactic acid bacteria, all of which serve a function in the natural growth of the plant. When the plant is ripening and more sugar is being produced, then the amount of lactic acid bacteria grows as well. When we are done fermenting, we are left with a beverage and leftover plant material (pulp). The beverages can contain up to 1 x 10^7 cfu/g of lactic acid bacteria (which is the unit used to measure this), whereas the pulp is capable of containing much more lactic acid bacteria (one million(!) times the contents of the beverages).

How do you produce your products ? 

We are using an ancient process that imitates nature’s own method and adding modern machinery and science. First we add water, dates and our own starter culture to the plant, which kick starts the fermentation. After 12-16 hours the beverage is done brewing and we separate the leftover plant material from the rest. The plant material (pulp) is processed and used for other products than our beverages by drying this the plant material – a method we call Super-Raw.

What does Super-Raw mean ? 

Raw is often the word used for plants that are dried at a temperature of abut 42 degrees celsius because this temperature limit is well-known to preserve the amount of nutrients, aromas etc. At Flora Ferment we limit the temperature under the heating of our products to 37 degrees because the pulp is soured. This enables us to preserve even more good nutrients and aromas than ordinary Raw products.

How much sugar do Flora Ferment’s products contain ? 

The beverages contain less than 0.5% sugar. The fermentation process transforms the sugar of the plant into lactic acid bacteria, reducing the sugar content.

Why do your beverages contain sediment ? 
Because we do not filter our beverages. Filtering them would remove some of the many good nutrients. The sediment is natural and harmless.

Does Flora Ferment produce other products ?

Yes. We have developed many different kinds of beverages based on plants and fruits, such as blackcurrant, coffee, dates, gooseberries, raspberries, hops, chicory etc. We are in the process of creating a web shop where you will be able to buy dried, probiotic products. We will soon introduce an alcohol free “beer” where we mix fermented hops with other fruits to produce new and delicious experiences for your taste buds.

How can I hear more ? 

You can contact us on our e-mail info@floraferment.dk or follow us on social media @floraferment.dk

Where can I buy your products ?

We are working on establishing ourselves with retailers. We hope to expand our presence to the point where you can find our products in many retailers in the bigger cities of Denmark sometime during 2022.