Healthy & fermented

Lactic acid bacteria

Vitamin B & C

No expiration date

Low on sugar



Low calorie


At Flora Ferment, we have been fermenting organic plants for over 15 years.

We ferment our crops as quickly as possible after they are harvested. This ensures that the plants retain all the vital micronutrients that already exist within nature’s own flora.

We have developed a unique brewing technique that enables us to keep even more nutrition from each plant. In this way, we can create products that contain more micronutrients per calorie.

Our brewing technique is capable of multiplying all of the existing micronutrients in any given plant when it is fermented under the right conditions. As a result, our fermented drinks are rich in lactic acid bacteria, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and polyphenols.

We deliver alcohol free wine menus to hotels and restaurants that wish to treat their guests to delicious nutrient-rich drinks made of organic plants. We tailor each drink to your food menu in order to ensure that the flavours harmonize and compliment the dishes served.

Unlike other non-alcoholic drinks

The drinks we produce give a unique and sophisticated taste. Although it is essentially made from the same produce as concentrated juice, our drinks are not sweet. This is because all the sugar has been fermented and eaten by lactic acid bacteria.

Our drinks contain less than 0.5 g of sugar per 100 ml. Unlike other non-alcoholic beverages, such as soda or juice, our drinks do not overwhelm the taste buds with sugar. Instead, our drinks will compliment the served dish and allow your guests to enjoy a perfect taste bud symphony.

Mission FLORA

It is increasingly popular to take good care of your gut flora. Our mission is to disseminate information about fermented beverages and to provide drinks that are full of micronutrients. Every batch is sent for analysis and we receive accurate data on the numbers of micronutrients: vitamins, antioxidants & lactic acid bacteria.


It is more important than ever to protect our biodiversity and climate. That is why we at Flora Ferment do everything we can to contribute to a sustainable planet. We create organic products and fight food waste.

Learn more about how we contribute to a sustainable environment below.

From harvest to fermentation

Our mission is to minimise food waste and nutrient loss. We do this by starting the fermentation process as fast as possible after the harvest. In this way, we can preserve the micronutrients of the plants and avoid food waste.

Nutrient loss unfortunately often occurs in the harvest process, where huge amounts of energy are spent to freeze the raw produce. When the produce is frozen, the micronutrients of the plant fade and never reach our stomachs.

Minimising food waste

The fermentation process has to start with sugar because lactic acid bacteria feeds on sugar. Our sugar comes from organic plants which have recently passed their shelf date or which have minor blemishes. We accept products from companies that have to discard many kilos of fruit and vegetables. Instead of being thrown out, these fruits and vegetables are upcycled to make a delicious syrup used to feed the lactic acid bacteria.

No expiration date

Fermentation has been utilised for thousands of years as a food preservation method. Many years ago, it was commonplace to ferment vegetables in order to eat them during the winter. Our products at Flora Ferment likewise have a very long time until their expiration date. In fact, we usually say they last forever. Depending on the temperature under which the beverage is kept, the taste can slightly change over time. Like any good wine, our fermented drink only gets better and better.

Upcycling our waste

After the fermentation process, we are left with many kilos of fruit pulp from the plants. If you have ever tried to brew beer or press juice yourself, then you know there is a considerable chunk of this pulp that is simply thrown away.

Instead of discarding this pulp and creating more food waste, we upcycle the pulp to healthy snacks and powder full of lactic acid bacteria. These products are well suited for athletes or for anyone who has issues with their gut microbiota. The products will be available in our online store when it goes live.