About us

Flora Ferment was founded by the Danish entrepreneur Isabella M. Andersen from Sønderborg and the fermentation expert from Aarhus Max Nielsen. It all began with a dream of creating organic, fermented and flavourful products filled with vitamins, antioxidants and lactic acid bacteria.


Communication, sales and distribution

Isabella was missing an alternative to the sugary non-alcohol drinks often served at restaurants. When she discovered fermented beverages, it was love at first taste. Isabella was rather impressed by the minimal sugar content, the rich taste and the levels of nutritious and healthy microbiotics, such as lactic acid bacteria.


Fermentation expert

Max has worked with fermentation for 15 years and is specialised in big-scale fermentation processes. Max discovered fermented beverages in the 90s, which kick started a new and healthier life style for him. He quickly felt the advantageous effects of fermentation in his stomach and energy level, which motivated him to share with the world a beverage different than the sugary beverages often found on the market.